Designer Drug Trends


Trends Report on Changes in the Designer Drug Market Spring 2012

Dr. Barry K. Logan, NMS Labs National Director of Forensic and Toxicological Services, presents fascinating new data on how the identity of compounds available in the synthetic drug market place (cannabinoids and “bath salts”) has changed quarter by quarter since 2010. Compounds have come and gone largely to avoid attempts to schedule them, but some have emerged as major “chemicals of concern.” New compounds are now starting to appear, making obsolete even the latest changes in State and Federal laws designed to control this dangerous and rapidly growing market.

The Challenges of Analytical Method Validation of Designer Drugs in Non-Biological Samples by GC/MS May 15, 2012

Hosted by Agilent Technologies, Tuesday May 15, 2012; Presented by Fran Diamond, NMS Labs Chemistry Technical Leader. The new wave of designer stimulants that have become available has created new challenges for the analytical laboratories involved in drug identification work. The proliferation of analogous and isomeric forms of these substances has generated the need for new instrument technology, software solutions and scientific vigilance. Discussion includes the multitude of drugs that are available, the approach to analysis by GC/MS, and NMS Labs commitment to finding solutions to this ever changing environment.

Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of Synthetic Cannabinoids February 21, 2012

Presented February 21, 2012 at the AAFS 64th Annual Scientific Meeting by Barry K. Logan, PhD, DABFT, National Director of Forensic Services and Wendy R. Adams, Ph.D., DABFT, Forensic Toxicologist.

Designer Drugs Testing Solutions for Employers February 1, 2012

Presented February 1, 2012 by Dr. Barry K. Logan, PhD, DABFT, NMS Labs National Director of Forensic Services.

The Expanding Reach of the Designer Drug Movement in 2011: Analytical and Interpretive Challenges for Forensic Toxicology and Chemistry October 26, 2011

This presentation considers the latest intelligence on what drugs are out in the U.S. grey market of products being sold as novelties, legal highs, “Bath Salts” and research chemicals, including an update on the latest trends in synthetic cannabinoid use and detection.

Developments in Toxicology Support for the DRE Program July 2011

Co-hosted by NMS Labs and Draeger Safety Diagnostics, Inc. - July 2011. Presented by Dr. Barry K. Logan.

Oral Fluid as a Chemical Test for the DRE Program: History, the Future, and Practical Considerations July 2011

Presented at the IACP-DRE Conference, July 2011 by Dr. Barry K. Logan.

Identification of Markers of JWH-018 and JWH-073 Use in Human Urine 2011

By Sherri L. Kacinko, Allan Xu, Matthew M. McMullin, Barry K. Logan.

K2 and Beyond: A Synthetic Cannabinoid Primer February 2011

Mechanism of Action and Pharmacology, History of Synthetic Cannabinoids, Identification of Synthetic Cannabinoids in Botanical material, Identification of Synthetic Cannabinoids in Biological Matrices, Human pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics, and Legal Status.

K2 and the Synthetic Cannabinoids: Pharmacology, Effects and Chemical Analysis webinar September 16, 2010

This presentation describes the history and origin of the chemicals of concern, the composition of the various commercial products containing them, their known pharmacology, and the documented effects on drivers, and human test subjects. We also review the adverse effects that have resulted in hospitalization, and even allegedly in deaths.

Salvia - Effects, Legal Status and Analysis webinar March 18, 2010

This presentation reviews the rising popularity and spread of Salvia divinorum, from its origins in religious ceremonies to its current status as a potent recreational hallucinogenic drug.

New Highs: Salvia and K2 Solutions for the DRE Program July 2010

Presented July 2010 at the IACP DRE Conference to Drug Recognition Experts across the nation by Dr. Barry K. Logan, PhD, DABFT, NMS Labs National Director of Forensic Services.

Bisphenol-A and Other Suspected Estrogenic Endocrine Disruptors May 27, 2010

As the only known commercial laboratory to offer a urine test for Bisphenol-A, and the recent addition of phthalate metabolite tests, NMS Labs was pleased to host a dinner program targeted to Medical Researchers on Bisphenol-A and Other Estrogenic Endocrine Disruptors.