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Cannabis substitute drugs Black Mamba and Spice are 'a recipe for violence' in prisons. January 17, 2015

(United Kingdom) - The use of synthetic cannabinoids in UK prisons is leading to increased violence and hospital visits. One brand in particular, "Black Mamba", has caused seizures in so many inmates, that the ambulances used to transport them have been termed "mambalances". Spice has also been noted in causing 210 violent assaults in a 6 month period.

Court records: Driver smoked "Frankenstein" before deadly Oct. 27 wreck. January 17, 2015

(Oklahoma) - The driver of a van who collided with a vehicle carrying two school teachers who were fatally wounded, admits to smoking synthetic cannabinoids prior to the crash. He reported smoking "Frankenstein" and taking a sleeping pill the night before the crash, then smoking this drug again before driving.

Man Charged with Attacking EMS, ER Nurse After Synthetic Marijuana Use January 19, 2015

(Louisiana) - A 21 yr old male was taken to the hospital after admitting he had used two kinds of synthetic marijuana. On the way to the ER, the EMS personnel described him as yelling profanely at visions. Once at the ER, he became combative and punched a nurse and a paramedic several times. He had to be handcuffed to the hospital bed and sedated before receiving treatment.

Boyle County Man Dead After Smoking Synthetic Marijuana January 10, 2015

(Kentucky) - A man has died after smoking the synthetic cannabinoid brand called "Serenity". When he was found unconscious in his home, he had a suitcase with 15 lbs. of the drug. Authorities confirmed he had been smoking the drug before he died.

BPD: More than 50 overdose on synthetic pot January 3, 2015

(Texas) - In Beaumont TX, the emergency medical services have responded to over 50 overdoses of synthetic marijuana in the last week. Symptoms have been extreme paranoia, Hallucinations, combative behavior, seizures and unconsciousness. This recent batch of drug is known on the street as "Woo", "Gumbo" or "Serenity".

Man shot by officer was in car, strangling girlfriend January 2, 2015

(Montana) - A 20 yr old male assaulted his mother and took her car. He then picked up his girlfriend and assaulted her as well. When the police approached the vehicle he sped off and led them in a pursuit. The car eventually died and police heard his girlfriend yelling for help. Shots were fired and the male was hit in the head. Before the car stopped, the girlfriend said that he had plans to drive into head on traffic and kill them both. The suspect had been smoking synthetic marijuana for a few days prior to the incident.

Family believes synthetic marijuana led to teen’s death January 2, 2015

(Missouri) - A 15 yr old male, Danny Silva, died of cardiac arrest after smoking synthetic marijuana. When EMS services were called, Danny was sitting on a couch not breathing. He was a popular athlete at school and his parents believe he smoked synthetic marijuana since it was not tested for in urine tests.

Man wanted on $50K arrest warrant tied to infant's death December 26, 2014

(Alaska) - The father of a two month old baby was responsible for taking care of the infant. He stopped attending work for the week prior to the infant's death and was reportedly staying at home smoking "Spice". After a family member was unable to get ahold of the child's father, he stopped by and asked about the baby. The father was certain that the mother of the infant had taken the child, but she was currently in jail. Upon inspection of the house, the infant was found dead in the bathroom tub.

Baton Rouge man accused of nearly hitting several police officers with his car as he sped into reverse December 25, 2014

(Louisiana) - A 30 yr old male was found sleeping in his car with a synthetic marijuana cigarette hanging from his mouth by a police officer. After waking him, he drove in reverse for a mile and a half, nearly running over other police officers. Once he was stopped, police subdued him with a tazer.

Police: Dozen people hospitalized after using K-2 December 23, 2014

(Florida) - More than a dozen people in Lake City, FL have been hospitalized after smoking the synthetic marijuana "K2". Victims have been in their teens to mid-twenties and have experienced delirium and become unresponsive.

Tokemon: 11-year-old boy sickened by synthetic marijuana December 20, 2014

(Texas) - An 11 yr old boy smoked synthetic cannabinoids with a family friend. The boy was told to leave after he started to experience symptoms and left the house having a difficult time walking or moving his joints. He began to feel numb, dizzy and hallucinate. He was laying on his back near a parking lot unconscious. After a short hospital stay he gained consciousness and fully recovered.

Bartlesville man charged with child neglect after teen comes to school intoxicated December 9, 2014

(Oklahoma) - A man is charged with neglect after his daughter arrives at her school intoxicated. She claims she stole from her father's stash of synthetic marijuana. Upon investigation, her father was found intoxicated at home and drug paraphernalia was present containing leafy green material.

Man breaks into Gladewater store while allegedly high on K2 drug December 8, 2014

(Texas) - Police responded to a call that someone had broken into a local store. Upon arrival, police located that man who tried to escape. He was tasered by police, which had no effect on the suspect. The suspect refused to listen to police orders and attacked one of the officers and threw him to the ground. The suspect was thought to be on synthetic cannabinoids.

Dangers of synthetic marijuana December 2, 2014

(United States) - The US Drug Enforcement Administration has enacted an emergency ban on synthetic cannabinoids after thousands of teens have been hurt, some fatally. In 2011, more than 11,000 emergency room visits have been caused by these drugs. The symptoms have been psychosis, kidney, brain damage, and in a few cases, has been associated with heart attacks.

Agonized parents make a plea: Beware the dangers of synthetic drugs December 2, 2014

(United States) - This article details the deaths of six young people that have died from synthetic cannabinoid overdose in the last couple years. It contains interviews from their family members and describes the circumstances around their deaths.

E.D. visits relating to synthetic cannabinoids skyrocket December 2, 2014

(United States) - This article discusses the rise of synthetic cannabinoid use. In 2010, the number of emergency visits to the hospital due to these drugs was 11,406, which increased to 28,531 in 2011.

Police: Woman high on 'spice' when she hit vehicle November 29, 2014

(Indiana) - A woman suspected of driving under the influence of synthetic cannabinoids rear ended another vehicle and then momentarily passed out. She admitted to police that she had smoked "Spice" half hour before the incident. When police asked her for legal records, she wandered into a near by yard and stared into a window for an unusual amount of time. After failing standard field sobriety tests, she was arrested and tested positive for synthetic marijuana.

UTPD warns students after synthetic marijuana overdoses November 26, 2014

(Texas) - Austin EMS personnel have reported 35 synthetic cannabinoid related incidents in the last week. Most of the people involved in these incidents had smoked the brand K2. Symptoms have included seizures, blackouts, hallucinations, chest pain and self destructive behavior.

Police: Bradford County Man Smoked Marijuana With Children November 25, 2014

(Pennsylvania) - A 51 yr old man was arrested for smoking synthetic marijuana with a 14 yr old male and 17 yr old female. He would often invite them over to get them "stoned". At one point, the stepfather of the 17 yr old girl found her unresponsive on the floor.

Man, 35, found sleeping in Philadelphia school with synthetic marijuana marked "Scooby Snax" November 25, 2014

(Pennsylvania) - A 35 yr old man was found sleeping inside a Philadelphia school with a smoking pipe and a bag of "Scooby Snax" synthetic marijuana. He acted aggressively towards police when they tried to wake him. He was arrested for illegal drug possession and criminal trespassing.

Mother worried about toll synthetic pot has taken on her son November 19, 2014

(Florida) - To help bring attention to the dangers of synthetic cannabinoids, a concerned mother has stepped forward and tells of her son's experience with these drugs. She says that after smoking synthetic cannabinoids, he is "zombie" like. Her son will often fall over in a comatose state and appear to be dead. He started smoking these drugs instead of marijuana since they are not tested for by the probation office.

2 arrested, 12 sickened in synthetic marijuana case November 19, 2014

(Texas) - Two people have been arrested as suspects for dealing synthetic marijuana to more than two dozen people. Paramedics responded to an area of Austin to assist those under the influence, many who were homeless, and had become violent or lost consciousness after smoking these drugs.

Police: Arrests made in K2 incidents November 19, 2014

(Texas) - Two days prior to this article, dozens have been hospitalized after smoking "Klimax" and "Mind Trip", brands of synthetic cannabinoids. There were reports of some drug users falling to the ground in a comatose state almost immediately after smoking. Two individuals have been arrested in connection to selling these drugs.

2 students overdose on synthetic marijuana, Aldine ISD officials say November 18, 2014

(Texas) - Two students at a local school had to be rushed to the hospital after overdosing on synthetic marijuana. They students were released one to two days later. Locals worry that these drugs are the new trend amongst teenagers in the area.

Mom arrested after smoking synthetic pot while baby looked “spaced out” November 15, 2014

(Texas) - Two adults, male and female, were smoking synthetic cannabinoids together next to the female's 3 month old baby. The male called paramedics after he began to vomit blood. Upon arrival the paramedics noticed the baby lying in the crib looking "spaced out". Both the adult male and the baby were taken to the hospital.

Synthetic pot sends 18 people to Lafayette hospitals November 11, 2014

(Pennsylvania) - At the time of this article, in the last two weeks, 18 young adults have been hospitalized from synthetic cannabinoid use. Symptoms have been seizures, thoughts of suicide, hallucinations and hysteria. "Spice" and "Mind Trip" were the brands associated with this recent group of hospitalizations. A survey asked young drug offenders why the choose to smoke synthetic cannabinoids, and the top response was "Because you never know what kind of high you're going to get."

Sweden seeks ban on synthetic marijuana after two deaths November 10, 2014

(Sweden) - In the two weeks prior to this article, two people have died from smoking "Spice". One was a 22 yr old male and the other a 18 yr old male. In response, Sweden has asked the European Union to speed up the process of banning synthetic cannabinoid substances.

Longview missions see fallout of increasing synthetic marijuana use November 9, 2014

(Texas) - This article discusses a mission in that is located across the street from a business that sells synthetic cannabinoids. One of the employees has witnessed a girl who allegedly smoked synthetic weed having seizures in the street. Some of the regular attendees of the mission are now turned away due to combative, paranoid and "zombified" states from using these drugs. Local mental health professionals have seen patients that have experienced psychotic episodes, sometimes just after one use.

Bryan / College Station ERs Seeing Increase in K2 Drug Overdoses November 8, 2014

(Texas) - As of the date 11-8-14, 20 people have gone to the ER in the last two days, and one has died, due to a suspected bad batch of homemade "spice". Patients have displayed very agitated and almost psychotic emotions and some have suffered from respiratory depression.

Woman arrested after smoking synthetic pot, causing crash November 6, 2014

(Missouri) - A woman was arrested after she fell asleep while driving and caused an accident that injured 5 people. Also, witnesses claimed that the suspect was speeding in the wrong lane before crashing into two other vehicles. She had admitted to smoking synthetic cannabinoids before leaving the house. Two juvenile victims were also in her car.

Synthetic Pot-Sniffing K-9 Donated by Father in Honor of Late Son November 5, 2014

(Pennsylvania) - Dakota, a dog trained to sniff for synthetic cannabinoids, will be working in the Douglas County School system. The dog was donated by the father of Dakota Dyer who died from a synthetic cannabinoid overdose more than two years ago.

Mother aims to ban K-2 after losing son to drug October 30, 2014

(Iowa) - Gwen Meek, mother to Jerrald, watched her son slowly change as he started to us K2. He acted paranoid and showed signs of mental stress. He broke out a window of a local church with a sword on one occasion. Then in August, Jerrald ate some K2 and hung himself. His mother believes if synthetic cannabinoids weren't legal, he wouldn't have used them.

4 teens overdose on synthetic marijuana at Sewell Park in Miami, police say October 30, 2014

(Florida) - Three boys and a girl between the ages of 14 and 16 were found in a local park having hallucinations and convulsing. They are reported to have been smoking "Ambrosia" a brand of synthetic cannabinoids. At the time of this article, the three boys were recovering well at the local hospital while the girl remained in an unconscious state.

Drug allegedly tied to fatal crash easy to buy but a risky high October 28, 2014

(California) - A driver of an SUV lost control of the vehicle and crashed, killing two passengers, one who was under two years of age. The driver admitted to smoking synthetic cannabinoids before driving.

Officers say man exposed 3-year-old twins to K2 October 27, 2014

(Oklahoma) - A 62 yr old male is accused of driving under the influence of "K2". He was observed driving recklessly and found to be disoriented. In his back seat were twin 3 yr old girls. The paramedics were called and the girls had fluctuations in their heart rates and appeared to be under the influence of the drug.

Holdrege man in critical condition after smoking synthetic marijuana October 16, 2014

(Nebraska) - A 18 yr old male started vomiting and then stopped breathing after smoking synthetic marijuana. At the time of this article, the young man was in critical condition after undergoing cardiac arrest.